Water Fed Pole Cleaning

Using water fed poles for window cleaning is a lot quicker than using other access methods for window cleaning. Using water-fed poles for window cleaning allows All Clean to access external windows up to a height of 80ft easily and quickly giving our clients huge cost savings as well as health and safety benefits (No working from high access)

Water Fed Pole Systems allow windows to be cleaned by extending a telescopic carbon fibre pole to the necessary working height, purified water is then pumped though the water fed pole onto the surface to be cleaned, a soft bristled brush fitted to the end of the water fed pole is then used to agitate the dirt on the surface, and finally the dirt is rinsed away.

Experience Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning
Are you looking for superior window cleaning results for your home or business within the North West? Would you like to use a natural method of cleaning that doesn’t leave smears of soap, and doesn’t mean you’ll have somebody up a ladder outside your house looking in through all of your windows?

Water fed pole window cleaning of residential properties
If so, the obvious solution is our water fed pole window cleaning service. Our service keeps our team very firmly at ground level, so that your privacy is assured, and utilises no harsh cleaning products, so that your windows will be left gleaming and the environment unharmed. Our advanced cleaning apparatus feeds purified water up through an extendable pole to the brush heads allowing us to clean your entire window. If the frames and sills are PVC the water fed pole can take care of them as well. The water is pure, so it can be left to dry naturally, meaning that there’s no chance that any smears will be left behind.

Our team members are highly trained with over 20yrs experience, and know how to get the very best out of their tools up to 80ft. Just give us a call and talk to us about what you’d like our service to do for you – pole window cleaning is the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial properties.

Why Hire Our Window Cleaners?
You’ll be using a window cleaning service with a high reach and the ability to consistently produce brilliant cleaning results. What’s more, with us you’ll be able to enjoy: